Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The meeting of energies.

I have been reading the Druid Magic Handbook again, after some time away. Now it says that Nwyfre comes from two main sources, the Sun and the core of the Earth. That totally makes sense to me. Now it says that the Solar current beams down and brightens the earth, even penetrating somewhat into the soil. And that the Telluric current, from the core, radiates upward from the core.

Now if thats true, doesnt that mean that all things on the surface of the earth and in its crust are a mixture of both energies. A binary becoming a tenary, a fusion of the two, greater than its component parts. Is it this fusion that allows a person to take ritual, intentionality and will and perform magic?

Hmm... something to think on later.

Another thought that hit me while I was reading was the poles of a binary system can both be needed. This to me brought up Daoism and the yin-yang symbol. In the middle we have another fusion, of light and dark, a grey zone where anything is possible. I will have to think on that later as well. Off to bed, my woman is falling asleep on my arm and I need to hit the hay.

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